Solution 1
R-500 - IP67 Dual SIM Rugged Android Phone
This phone is designed to
give you full functionality
whist being able to
withstand incredibly
harsh environments. It
also features Dual sim
and Android operating
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The Software
Toughbox has chosen to partner with a market
leading Mobile Systems Integrator- XLR.

XLR offer an unrivalled range of business applications.

Having Recently Launched an off the shelf zero
start-up cost “Pay As You Go” Tranzport Software.

Their flexibility of approach and customer commitment
is the ideal addition to any business applications or
mobility hardware offerings.

Tranzport is the industries first mobile logistics
management app. designed for multiple job types in
the haulage industry. Available as both “Pay monthly”
and recently launched zero start-up cost “Pay As You
Go” options. Tranzport is for so much more than
simply recording jobs carried out or collecting
signatures. It allows a fully integrated workforce
management system with extensive customisable
features including:

Automated vehicle checks
Recording signatures and times for items delivered
Remote receipt of job details
Photographic proof collection
Full web based back office system
Optional Customer view
Satellite navigation

The software is backed by a web portal which
managers and head office workers can easily log into
to assign or update jobs, view completed job details,
as well as time sheets, mileage and delivery reports.

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Growing your business one task at a time.

At its simplest level XLR will handle your "To Do"
list, helping to keep you organised.

Everything you do in business, or even in life, is a
task. And XLR can help you manage 1000's of
tasks simply, and efficiently.

You can also think of XLR as a tool to handle the
process of finding a new lead, turning that lead into a
prospect, converting the prospect to a customer and
then managing the customer experience to generate
a new sales lead and starting the process again.

At its most sophisticated level, it is a multi-dimensional
Business Process Management engine. It enables an
organisation to build focussed, powerful, fully secured,
CRM, Task and Project Management and Workflow
Processes, to control and manage the entire business
function, across a single or multiple enterprises. With
XLR you can accomplish so much, within the one
application all linked to the one set of data. You can
even use the inbuilt VOIP telephony to make calls!
Solution 2
Skeye.Dart - Rugged PDA with Android
The proven industry PDA
skeye.dart combines
appealing design and
comfortable operation
with state-of-the-art
technology and

Abbey Logistics
Case Study
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Solution 3
The Panasonic FZ-A1 Rugged Android Tablet
The Toughpad FZ-A1 has
a MIL-STD-810G rating
for 120cm drops as well
as an IP65 ingress
protection rating for
resistance to dust and
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We can also arrange your mobile Voice and data contracts and support
you in all your IT needs.
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